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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super Saturday!

If you are looking for a meaningful and beautiful Super Saturday craft, look no further! We have been encouraged by prophets to have a print of the temple in our homes, and this is a wonderful way to facilitate that for your ward Relief Society sisters. Here is the way it works...

1. In order to obtain a great discount off the price listed on my website, your ward must order AT LEAST 25 wall prints, OR 60 block prints. (Trust me, this won't be a problem) :)

2. If the order minimum is met, then the prices for the projects are as follows:

15x20 Temple print and frame $65
18x24 Temple print and frame $75
(This price includes the print, the masonite to mount the print onto, and the frame. The ward must provide the glue adhesive, the stain for the frame, and the texture cream for the photo. I will provide information on where to purchase these items)

10x14 Temple Block $15
5x7 Temple Block $8
(This price includes the block, and the temple print. The ward is responsible for providing the glue adhesive and the stain.)

3. I will provide a board showing all available temples and a sign up sheet for you to pass around.

4. I will also provide you with instructions complete with short video clips on how to assemble your project. It is a SUPER EASY and SUPER FUN craft, with stunning results! Guaranteed to be one of the favorite crafts your ward has ever done for a Super Saturday! People walking into your home are going to notice your print, LOVE it, and ask where you got it! Then, of course, you will send them to me! :)

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